About Us

Our ministry takes place firstly, through accessible and transformational biblical education. Secondly, by establishing-Bible based urban churches in strategic cities, which will in turn serve as spring board for church planters. Thirdly, it is our endeavour to contribute to the education and health care of the impoverished.

The name NPact is coined of two words: Entrust and Impact. The letter N stands to express our vision to entrust the Word to faithful men (2 Tim.2:2.) Entrust also conveys a sense of unsurpassable value of the truth, the Word, that we are obliged to pass on. ‘Pact’, the second part of the name stands for the impact the Word of God would bring about in lives.

We envision nothing less than the total transformation of lives in the land. The Biblical Education programme is carried out as we follow a well-defined curriculum by a US based organisation, to provide a seminary level education to pastors and church leaders that have little or no access to biblical education. We envision to meet the critical shortage of trained church leaders in the region, our endeavour is to strive to raise and equip multiplying leaders. We also envision that these maturing leaders will meet the ever-increasing influx of new believers by channelling them into stable, healthy and multiplying churches.

In addition to the above, over the past several years, we have been actively involved in several social activities. At one stage, we could help the persecuted and displaced, in a substantial way. In addition to that, over the last several years we are involved in the lives of four under privileged young boys by looking after their living and education in the environment of love and care of a family. It is our vision that we reach them to a level of education (from where they were un-schooled) where they will be able to stand on their feet.

Finally, a brief word about our call and vision. Susan and I have had the privileged to be born and brought by the believing parents in the southern State of Kerala. It was entirely different motives from what we do now, that brought us to North India 33 years ago. But the Lord in His sovereignty called us to serve Him, and allowed us to go through different experiences in various ministries as part of His training. It all began with serving in Operation Mobilisation in North India for several years. After having been trained as Nurse and Hospital Administrator, Susan and I served with a Medical Mission in the remote regions in North India for several more years. The Lord used these years to open our eyes to the spiritual needs of the region, and compelled us to step out in faith for theological education; and later to return to North India to serve here as we had originally committed ourselves to serve Him.

Over these years, the Lord gave us two precious children as His gift: a daughter and a son, and in turn a lovely Son-in- Law. It is our prayer and commitment that as Joshua said, “…as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

We invite to join in our journey of fulfilling His vision.

In His service,

Babychen and Susan Varghese
Founders, NPact Ministries