Our Mission

To help the Church to fulfil the Great Commission by facilitating biblical education to Pastors and leaders in those regions where access to training is limited.

Our Vision

To partner with churches and other ministries for proving biblical education that results in multiplication of leading servants for the church in India.

The Challenge

The training of Christian workers is fundamental for the health and growth of the Church in India. Poor discipling and lack of teaching have made nominalism, syncretism and losses to other faith a problem for all Christian denominations. It is estimated that half of the existing full-time-workers in India are pastoring local churches. There is, on average, one pastor for every six congregations. As high as 85% of churches in our region are led by men and women with no formal biblical education or ministry. They are mostly first generation Christians. NPact, in association with BEE,  comes along the local church to assist meet this need.

Researches has shown that new and creative ways for multiplying leaders must be sought and it is being attempted at different levels. Many residential institutions are locked into a model which leads to minimal impact on the unreached majority and cannot produce the hundreds of thousands of workers needed now.

The Solution

Apostle Paul’s ministry strategy was multiplication through four generations: Paul, Timothy, faithful men, and others also (2 Tim. 2:2.) At NPact we envision a similar result producing hundreds of thousands of workers needed for our nation through multiplication. This we carry out in partnership with the US based organisation as we use their curriculum in its entirety.

Our facilitators / teachers lead interactive discussion that stresses application to life and ministry. They lecture very little; leading a Bible study is not the goal. Our teaching methods involve modelling the teaching itself, so that by the end of each course, each student in the group feels he can do what he witnessed in the facilitators. By the end of the second course, we require each student in the “first-generation” group to have his own group before he can continue the training. Our purpose is to set forth a multiplication philosophy and find men and women who will catch the vision to implement it in their region.